Exchange 2013 – SMTP Banner

It is always good to setup SMTP Banner to match RevDNS Record. More often in medium and small company’s server external server name do not match internal one. This may cause problems with your outgoing mails as some server may register it as spam due this mismatch in Banner.


To Check current SMTP Banner just telnet on port 25 to you server IP. By default you will get response that will give your Local FQDN.


220 servername.local Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service ready at Fri, 9 May 2014 12:13:35 +0200


I’m quite used to check servers on site using mail server check just to verify if nothing is missed. The Banner issue will give fallowing results.



  1. Let’s Start with identifying which connector is default frontend. This should be the one with Anonymous users in Permission groups. By Default it is simply named Default Fronted ServerName



  1. No we just need to modify banner for this receive connector.





    To do so we use PS command Set-ReceiveConnector


    Set-ReceiveConnector -Identity „Default Fronted ServerName” -Banner „220 ExternalServerName” -ConnectionTimeout 00:15:00



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