Chrome – Custom Protocol Handler and my off topic doubts about Firefox

Browser choice is a matter of opinion but there are few thing that you might consider in business Environment. This Blog is not about Browsers per se but since we manage Web Services it is good to be aware how Browsers interact with Active Directory.


Side Note: Why I would not use FireFox – We can talk about UI and CPU and RAM utilization but this is not the case. There is one major problem with FireFox I have no idea what stays behind this but it is not using the OS Build in Certificate Store. I know there are ways to do so (Link Here) but I don’t understand why double the OS functionality. A specially that domain Certificate Authority is such an important Same goes to Authentication.


Some Web application need handlers to provide action outside the browser using 3rd part applicaton. This generally is a bad Idea and is not advised but this is just for our convenient. By default Chrome block this kind of action and to create exclude to this we need to edit LcoalState File. It can be found in

%LocalAppData% \Google\Chrome\User Data\

In this file find instruction protocol_hendler and provide handler name with false parameter.

i.e. The most common use is for magnet links. To add this accaption just add to protocol handler line as fallow „magnet”:false,




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